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Greetings. Alecto here. This is a plotter for three of four of my characters - Olivier, Adrijan, and Dijana. (Elizabeth Harper, Raniero Vieri de' Medici, and Robert Castle have their own plotter, here.) They are tied together by their involvement in the French Revolution, which is still unfolding over in Paris and being studied on a world scale.

Each of them are available for threads outside the intrigue plot, to some extent, but at the moment I'm seeing their roles as being defined by their collusion. Also I am admittedly terrible at posting regularly, so I am limiting myself to threads based on relevance; and this seems like a decent way to work with other characters (those who already know me can testify that I'm awful at the general social "coffee shop" type threads).

So. Let's talk treason.
The Plot
In early 1792, France is still in the grips of a revolution, and the world is watching. Will the monarchy restore itself? Will the common man triumph? Will these sentiments spread? Many governments, especially nearby Venice, are doing all they can to obtain information on what's happening in Paris, and Olivier d'Anjou, a former member of the court at Versailles, is more than happy to oblige.

The end goal of the scheming is manifold. Olivier's primary goal is to place Louis Stanislas, Count of Provence, in a position of power. Given the nature of the revolution, Olivier expects that position to be a watered-down, nearly figurehead version of the former throne, which would be adequate for his purposes. Their first step is to help ensure that the latest king, Louis XVI, is beheaded.

(Given that I am following history with only slight modifications, and given who Louis Stanislas was, you can probably guess where I'm going with this. But for me it will be more about the character development that goes along with it.)

The next step is "gathering resources," for which Olivier is planning a large public event that will mask his actual machinations in progress.
The Players
Olivier d'Anjou
alias: Olivier Lavigne Moreno

Olivier is a great guy. He's also a smug, self-centered bastard. His motives in manipulating the revolution boil down to one raw wish: to restore his family's title. Descended from the royal line on both his French and Spanish sides, he considers himself the rightful heir to the duchy of Anjou, where he grew up; and as he is in favor with the next Louis in line to be king, he expects that assisting in Louis' ascension will secure him that title. (Spoiler: he's wrong.) While no one would ever call him a "hero of the common man," his upbringing did make him far more cognizant of the working class' struggles, which led to him having plenty of connections and informants among the Third Estate. He plans to use that information to manipulate the revolution into helping him reach his goal.

This is not all Olivier has going on. His main conflict is with Adrienne d'Apcher, who nearly ruined him when she accused him of forcing himself upon her when they were caught in an affair together. For that he's seeking all kinds of vengeance. Since he’s not usually the vengeful type, if he looked a little closer at what he was doing he might find other motivations as well, but introspection has never been his strong suit.

Adrijan Kitanovski
alias: Adrien Lefévre

To all appearances, Adrijan is a merchant who occasionally moonlights as a bodyguard to the Duc d’Anjou when the latter deigns to leave his palazzo. Adrijan is most often seen with a young woman who might be his wife or his sister. (She’s his sister, and they are not romantically involved.) He was born in Ankara but is not ethnically Ottoman, and feels no particular attachment to his birthplace - or to any nation, for that matter.

He has worked for Olivier for years, since the duke’s marriage, but at a distance, as the wife did not have much trust for him. And with good reason: a significant childhood trauma effectively wiped many of Adrijan’s inhibitions and social graces, and he has a darker moral code than even his employer. He is the one to put plans in motion and act on the intelligence gathered by Dijana and manipulated by Olivier. Ruthless and efficient, he cares little for the goal and more about the process - the games, the strategy - of attaining it.

Dijana Kitanovski
alias: Dianne Lefêvre

The baby sister to Adrijan is all heart. She suffered the same traumatic experience, but was younger then and remembers less. However, she does have her moments of withdrawal and despondency, which is partly what inspires her big brother to be so protective of her. Yet she is her own woman as well: she works as a merchant and spy alongside her brother, and is primarily the one to obtain information on the plots and proceedings in France and elsewhere, using her natural charm and adaptability. Without her, there would be no d’Anjou intrigue at all.

Dijana wants to marry and have her own household in time, something she believes Olivier will help her manage (spoiler: she’s right) when it does eventually happen. But with the oversight of Adrijan, who wants her to marry but has thrown out every man who has crossed her path on the basis of him not being good enough, and her place as Olivier’s most trusted advisor, her future husband will meet a couple of major obstacles. Besides, she enjoys her involvement in Olivier’s schemes.

This is not meant to be a major site plot, or even a minor site plot. It’s more of a background event. Something for characters to work on while growing in their own lives. And since the plot ultimately plays into how history really rolls, the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

So if you’d like any characters involved, or want to mix it up with any of these three, here’s what I have in mind:

-Anyone who might have connections or information on either side of the French Revolution, Olivier wants to play you. He needs all the details he can get - what the Third Estate plans to do with the throne and what sort of government will be established; what Versailles plans to do to win back their power; hell, even whether the clergy is playing one side or the other.
-The power players in Venice - from government to military to nobles - might have an interest in Olivier’s information. Such personages in many countries, particularly France’s neighbors, seemed quite antsy about whether they would find a similar fate, as well as whether the French economy and power would fall and other such effects. Olivier would be willing to share his information for a price, albeit one not payable by money.
-For anyone involved in similar intrigues, such as those coming from the East, there may well be some overlap and some exchange of services and information. Or, perhaps, even some conflict. I like conflict.
-Involvement in other ways such as general friendships or relationships, especially with Adrijan and Dijana, are not out of the question. They aren’t my top priority, but you could convince me.

So, then. What are your characters involved in? Does anything here speak to you? Spin me your thoughts and we’ll write some words together!
word count: 1258

I think Oliver and Thurenza would have a tentative acquaintance. They would both deal in information, and money would not be the preferred tender. She may not have direct information from France, but, she could definitely compound enough information from her guests. Tid bits that perhaps would escape otherwise attentions.
word count: 50

Beppin will bring news from France. The problem is that he is in favour of the revolution, so he might be more prone to give them to a friendly Adrien than to Olivier.

(He's no fool. He can help the nobility with transporting people and their goods out of France, but he wouldn't spy for them. This is against his beliefs. However, if Adrien pretends that he is in favour of the Revolution and befriends him, Beppin can be a reliable source of information, without realizing he is spying. Just telling about the latest events he had heard of/ witnessed when there, to a friend "with similar aspirations"...)
word count: 110

Perhaps my <a href='http://mementomori1792.jcink.net/index. ... wtopic=106' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>Lucien</a> could be useful for something - being a French noble and Viscomte on the run from the Revolution. He of course sides very much with the nobles in the matter and does feel superior to the peasants and more ordinary people. His sister and parents are still in France and information about them and a possible rescue could be used to blackmail Lucien ;)
word count: 80

Well other than my obvious connections, a character that I think would be a good fit for you as well for this plot would for sure be my <a href='http://mementomori1792.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=11' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>Ashley</a> as this is what he does and does it well. Aurore of course too, but she and I are not too sure how much she is ready to get involved. I know she would be happy to see Adrien as she most certainly thought he was dead.

Also, <a href='http://mementomori1792.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=20' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>Jean-Luc</a> has pretty much taken over Aurore's business with the shipping of information and gun powder back and forth to France in his wine.

I love love love this idea and can't wait to see it take off!

<a href='index.php?showuser=53' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-3'>@Alecto</a>
word count: 168

oh my goodness all the people and their plots!!!!! -is excited-

<a href='index.php?showuser=63' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-3'>@Crymson</a> - That sounds great! Having Thurenza's input could help influence things, even if the info is not direct from France. And they could certainly help each other!

<a href='index.php?showuser=25' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-3'>@Elena</a> - Works for me! Olivier & Co aren't specifically for or against the revolution, though. Olivier is for Olivier. ;) That is, their approach is, if there is a throne, they want to control whoever is sitting on it. Which is kinda how I had planned the current Beppin/Olivier thread to play out. If it does work out though, Beppin could be in contact with Adrien instead.

<a href='index.php?showuser=21' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-3'>@Atrice</a> - Lucien and Olivier would be an interesting contrast. Both in similar positions, but Olivier's upbringing makes him somewhat more sympathetic to the working class. And there might even be a bit of history there - if Lucien spent much time at the court in Versailles, they would surely know of each other at least. And a rescue plot would be crazy interesting!

<a href='index.php?showuser=1' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-4'>@Lily</a> - Ashley looks interesting! I'd love to see how he works with Dijana/Dianne. Jean-Luc and Olivier as well (especially since Olivier may be hiring Beppin to ship some stuff for him). And you know I love Aurore. I'd love for her to cross paths with at least Adrien eventually!
word count: 290

<a href='index.php?showuser=53' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-3'>@Alecto</a> - I see with Olivier a sort of business relationship developping, while Adrien would be a friend, with whom to discuss details which he doesn't see as necessary to discuss with Olivier. I mean, both can work.
word count: 55

Alecto wrote:Lucien and Olivier would be an interesting contrast. Both in similar positions, but Olivier's upbringing makes him somewhat more sympathetic to the working class. And there might even be a bit of history there - if Lucien spent much time at the court in Versailles, they would surely know of each other at least. And a rescue plot would be crazy interesting!
Lucien isn't at all sympathetic to the working class; he's very irritated by their behavior and the revolution in general. So yup, Lucien and Olivier do sound like they might clash. I'm sure he spent at least some time at Versailles before and it might be fun if they were already acquainted with each other :)
word count: 122

<a href='index.php?showuser=25' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-3'>@Elena</a> - Good point! I like that arrangement. Perhaps after the current thread we can have Beppin and Adrien meet?

<a href='index.php?showuser=21' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-3'>@Atrice</a> - Conflict! Sounds fun! &#092;o/ I'm definitely up for a thread if you are!
word count: 69
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